Sigma Mission Fund

Dear Sisters,

As the 2008 senior Zeta/Sigma class moves toward graduation, we are searching for ways to leave a positive change behind Grove City College.  That is why we have chosen to establish the Alumni Sigma Missions Fund.

Every year Zeta/Sigma sisters go on missions trips to spread the love of Christ worldwide.  We are proud of their passion and courage and try to give as much support as we can.  Often they petition the sorority for financial support and often the money to substantially support our sisters just isnt there.

Our vision for this fund is to provide a financial foundation to sponsor our sisterhood to go out on missions to spread the Gospel. 

The graduating senior class has contributed over $300 to this fund already, and we are reaching out to our alumni to help us support our younger sisters.  The 2008 Senior Class has committed to annual contributions, and we hope that the subsequent graduting Zeta/Sigma classes will follow in our footsteps. 

Please join us as we establish this fund.  Our sisterhood is thriving with Christ’s eternal love, and also the desire to share it with others.  The Fund will be overseen by the Alumni Director. 

Please consider sending a donation in check form made out to “Sigma Mission Fund.”

Brittany Klaas
200 Campus Dr.
Box #1895
Grove City, PA 16127

Thank you for your support in the past.  It is our hope that this Mission Fund will leave a lasting impact on our sorority and the world.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions by emailing!

Blessings and Tiger Love!

Brittany Klaas ’10 – Alumni Director 2010
Jennifer Wiley ’09 – Alumni Director 2009


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